Jekyll blog on GitHub Pages

This very blog runs with Jekyll on GitHub Pages. It does not require installations in your PC (or your PC at all, anyway) and can be completely managed through GitHub. If you’re interested, see the ABOUT page for directions.

A few additional notes follow.

Front Matter

The posts will mostly be in Markdown, although you must put a little YAML preamble to set a few metadata, like this:

title: Jekyll blog on GitHub Pages
layout: post
tags: [ jekyll, github, blog ]
comment: true
date: 2019-09-29 12:08:18 +0200

As a bare minimum, put title and type (the latter set to post like the example).

See more in the official documentation.

Ordering Posts

The index page already includes listing all available posts, in some reversed order (i.e. backwards from the most recent) based on the date.

Fact is… multiple posts on the same date might not get in the order you think or would prefer. There is a simple solution this this, i.e. just add a date field in the front matter.

title: yadda yadda yadda
layout: post
date: 2019-09-29 12:08:18 +0200

Comments with Disqus

Activating comments with Disqus is straightforward:

  • create a new discussion site in Disqus, e.g. named my-new-site
  • set the name of this new site in _config.yml:
disqus_shortname: my-new-site

Comments? Octodon, , GitHub, Reddit, or drop me a line!