Curses boilerplate starter


Playing with Curses in Perl is funny

From time to time I re-discover the Curses library, mostly because I always dreamt of doing a decent game of any kind. It’s now time to blog an example boilerplate starter so that I don’t have to figure it out time and again.


I will now play the jolly card and let me be very, very lazy:

# save as "cpanfile"
requires 'Curses';

# ensure you have a system-wide ncurses library with dev stuff and
# run either of these:
#    carton
#    cpanm -l local --installdeps .

Ok, ok… here’s a few links to the tools used above (again, you only need to choose one):


This can be a handy starter:

If not shown for any reason, find the above snippet locally.

I guess this is it!

Hopefully, more on Curses will follow, but until then… happy hacking!

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