Tired of deleting several tags for the same Docker image? dockermi might help.

When generating images with dibs, I usually set several alias tags to keep track of different aspects. As an example, I usually generate both a versioned tag and latest, in addition to a date-related tag to keep track of this info too. We might go on futher, of course.

When doing some cleaning, though, I have to go through all these aliases and remove them one by one. Or have I?

I was about to write the typical ad-hoc script when I realized that… I already had done this in the past!

Local version here.

Remove hanging images

Sometimes images are kicked out because new ones take their tags. In this case, they usually end up with name <none>, which makes them a bit difficult to get rid of (hint: use the image id). When you call the script without any parameter, it will get rid of those stale, hanging images:

$ dockermi

Remove all tags associated to an image

The other use case where dockermi can prove useful is to get rid of all variants of a specific image name. As an example, suppose that you have several tags associated to image foo/barbazius:


To get rid of all of them in one single sweep you would call:

$ dockermi foo/barbazius

So long!

I think it’s fair to close this post here… have fun!

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