Loop from iterator


If we have an iterator… it’s easy to go back to a full loop.

In last post Iterator from loop we saw a generic technique to get an iterator from a full loop, so that we can go through each iteration at will.

When we have an iterator, it’s then easy to implement a full loop based on it, e.g. to feed a callback function with all the iterations. In other terms, it’s easy to re-implement iterate_over_array based on simple_iterator:

sub simple_iterator {
    my ($input_array) = @_;
    my $i = 0; # this will index into $input_array
    return sub {
        return unless $i <= $#{$input_array};
        return $input_array->[$i++];
sub iterate_over_array {
    my ($input_array, $callback) = @_;
    my $it = simple_iterator($input_array);
    while (my @items = $it->()) {

As you might imagine, this is exactly what happens in Algorithm::Loops’s NestedLoops.

Nifty, uh?

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