Log::Log4perl::Tiny is a logging module I use for small projects.

When coding little projects, I often find useful to have a few logging functions around to ease with development and feedback to the user.

All in all, I found Log::Log4perl a lot of time ago and it totally convinced me. The only thing it didn’t have was… ease to be embedded (read as fatpacked in today’s parlance) in a script, for simplified distribution.

This is where I thought of starting Log::Log4perl::Tiny. It strives to provide most of the functionality from the original project, but within a single file. As pointed out in issue Wishlist: Reduce overhead of stealth logging?, unfortunately it seems that the footprint of the stealth loggers is not so negligible… but still, I consider it somehow tiny because it can be easily embedded.

So if you use it… don’t log too much 🙄

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