Module::Runtime helps you load modules whose name you don’t know beforehand.

Sometimes you build the name of a module you need dynamically, e.g. if you have a little plugin system you might have this:

my $plugin = 'Foo';
my $module_name = 'My::App::' . $plugin;

Now you want to load it… which can be done with some text manipulation and some help from require:

(my $file_name = $module_name . '.pm') =~ s{::}{/}gmxs;
require $file_name;

It’s a bit hackish and I also guess it misses a lot of corner cases… you get the idea.

One module to do this (and more, admittedly) is Module::Runtime. I keep forgetting its name because… well, doing this kind of dynamic loading is not exactly something that happens too often.

The only function I use is use_module to be honest:

use Module::Runtime 'use_module';
my $plugin = 'Foo';
my $module_name = 'My::App::' . $plugin;

It throws an exception (well, a Perlish one) if the module is not there to be found… so I guess it’s everything we need in 2020 😄

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