Busybox (again)


Another post about Busybox, this time more pragmatic.

It happened to me to debug a few things inside a running image (yes, a sin but it was only temporary and saved a lot of time with re-building the whole thing at all rounds). Fact is that I couldn’t find how to install a new package inside herokuish when inside the container… and I needed an editor.

So presto! Busybox - multipurpose executable does include a tiny version of vi, so I downloaded it (luckily enough herokuish includes curl) and made a link to it named vi, living in $PATH. Yay!

Anticipating that I will need it also in the future… here’s a small snippet:

Local version here (pointing to a local version of the Busybox binary, good for X86_64).

I actually included a slightly different version of the above script in the source for the image, inside a standalone directory that is in $PATH inside the container:

cd "$(dirname "$(readlink -f "$0")")"
curl -Lo busybox 'https://busybox.net/downloads/binaries/1.31.0-defconfig-multiarch-musl/busybox-x86_64'
chmod +x busybox
./busybox --install .

It removes the checks and makes sure to install Busybox in the same directory where the script lives… whichever is more useful is totally up to you!

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