Origami tuckbox


Where I designed my first origami.

Well, Iโ€™m not claiming that Iโ€™m the first to devise this design, but I surely played with a piece of paper enough to figure out all creases from scratch, which gave me the pleasure to invent it. Possibly again.

The crease pattern is the following:

origami tuckbox creases

which can also be downloaded here.

The crease pattern all remains in the inside once the whole thing is folded and closed.

There is a layer named Visible (reverse side) (invisible by default) that represents the other side of the page with respect to the crease pattern, to give you an idea of where to put pictures (if you want any). You can print the patterns and avoid that layer to save some ink, this is why itโ€™s hidden by default.

My suggestion is to print on heavy paper/cardstock and use a pen to prepare all creases. Once you get the valley and mountain folds right you should not have problems wrapping the box and closing it.

I did one for some cards I printed and it makes for a nice box ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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