An update to quenv


A couple touches to quenv.

In previous post quenv - quick environment I introduced a small Docker image based on Alpine Linux that contains a few small tweaks to allow me start an alternate environment very quickly, while preserving ownership of the files also in the host system. The image was complemented by a small shell wrapper to call it - aptly named quenv.

A couple itches have been accumulating since March 2020, namely:

  • a lot of times I use that image to try out some Perl stuff, in particular installing a few modules using carton (see Installing Perl Modules for more info) - which was consistently missing;

  • having started with x86 stuff in the nineties using DOS, I’m so used to type dir instead of ls that I just define it as an alias anywhere. The shell in Busybox does not use .bashrc, as expected.

Soooo… the image for quenv has been updated to include carton (should I need it) and the wrapper script had the addition of the ENV variable:

${DOCKER_COMMAND:-"docker"} run --rm -itv "$PWD:/mnt" -e ENV='/mnt/.ashrc' \ "$@"

So now, should I need it… I can save a .ashrc file in the current directory from where I run quenv, and this will actually be loaded:

Happy quenving!

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