PDF::Reuse - deep diving in the past


A little utility to merge PDF files, with Perl.

So I needed to merge a few PDF files into a single one. And I knew that I already wrote about it, only in a galaxy very far far away… that has disappeared in the meanwhile.

Or has it?

Thanks to the Wayback Machine, I could actually access a useful snapshot of the glorious perl.it and find a blog post from 2007 Unire file PDF (“Join PDF files”). Here’s the program, leveraging module PDF::Reuse:

As noted in the comments of the post from 2007, this can also be implemented through Ghostscript (if available), like this:

Now don’t trust me, try yourself!

It tends to produce slightly bloated files, while the Ghostscript-based solution is more efficient space-wise… use whatever you find better and applicable!

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