Enter entr


entr runs arbitrary commands when files change

In post (perl-c-ontinuous) I described a little script that monitors the filesystem for a change in a target file, and runs perl -c (the compilation check) over the file, just to make sure I don’t introduce syntax errors as I modify it.

I don’t know where, but I was later pointed towards entr, which generalizes this very idea in a program. It can control multiple files (the list is read in standard input) and do interesting things, like e.g. run a command only on a file that actually changed:

ls *.pl | entr perl -c /_

I did appreciate that the choice of the “file name placeholder” /_ has this explanation:

The special /_ argument (somewhat analogous to $_ in Perl) …

I’m always glad when I see this kind of references to Perl ❤️

entr seems to work out of the box on BSD, Linux and Mac OS, as well on the Linux Subsystem for Windows and Docker for Mac, although with a few restrictions (see the GitHub page).

All in all, it seems amazing and worth checking out! Thanks to whoever drove my attention to it!

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