SVG - embed images


How to embed PNG or JPEG images in a SVG file. Hopefully.

In origalea, we take square images and put them in specific places inside the page, rotated by 45°. I’ll probably talk a bit more about this in the future, although it’s taken some time for me to figure out and in hindsight I have to admit it’s just not that interesting - or hard to figure out. We will see.

One thing that I wanted to do, anyway, was to embed those images in order to produce a self-consistent (and containing) file, ensuring that it’s the only thing I need to carry around. This, too, is not rocket science, as there’s a mechanism to do this: the data URI scheme.

I’ll leave to the Wikipedia page the honor to expose the details; for all practical reasons, the relevant pieces in (that is the template where the actual generation happens, as of this post) are the following ($die is the file name of the face to include at a certain iteration):

44	my $image = base64(slurp($die));
45	my $ct = $die =~ m{\. jpe?g \z}imxs ? 'image/jpeg' : 'image/png';
101	         <image
108	            xlink:href="data:[% $ct %];base64,[% $image %]"
109	            />

In a nutshell, we need to calculate two pieces of information:

  • the image data as a Base64 string that encodes the whole image’s binary data;
  • the right media type, which we are assuming that can be either image/jpeg or image/png and we deduce from the filename.

Teepee already includes both base64 and slurp as functions that are readily available, so using them is a piece of cake.

Which reminds me that I’m in a diet and I cannot eat cake. Ouch.

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