ekeca additions


Remember ekeca? I added a couple things to it.

So… it’s almost 10 (ten!) months that I wrote about ekeca, and I eventually remembered about it! Mission accomplished!

I did a couple of additions:

  • it’s now possible to generate also client certificates, because well… I need to experiment a bit with them!

  • There is a new handy function to check whether a private key correspondes to a certificate (that is, to the public key carried by the certificate).

I’m somehow surprised that the last thing isn’t implemented natively in OpenSSL, but whatever it’s quite simple: the two keys correspond if they share the same modulus.

A lot of the hints around calculated a checksum over the modulus; this is a quick hack to compare something “short” instead of the modulus in its full width. This helps a lot when comparing stuff visually… but I guess the program can do without this slight teensy possibility of a collision.

You can find the code here; using the function is simple, just pass the key and the certificate file paths as arguments (in any order):

ekeca check_association /path/to/key /path/to/certificate


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