Dumb Gnuplot


Using the dumb terminal with gnuplot is a real treat.

I already confessed that Inconsolation is a great source of inspiration, in multiple dimensions 🙄

One thing that blew my mind is being pointed towards the dumb terminal for gnuplot. Consider the following small script and keep an eye on the set terminal dumb line in particular:

# Creates a version of a plot, which looks nice for inclusion on web pages
# AUTHOR: Hagen Wierstorf


set terminal dumb ansirgb

# define axis
# remove border on top and right and set color to gray
set style line 11 lc rgb '#808080' lt 1
set border 3 back ls 11
set tics nomirror
# define grid
set style line 12 lc rgb '#808080' lt 0 lw 1
set grid back ls 12

# color definitions
set style line 1 lc rgb '#8b1a0e' pt 1 ps 1 lt 1 lw 2 # --- red
set style line 2 lc rgb '#5e9c36' pt 6 ps 1 lt 1 lw 2 # --- green

set key bottom right

set xlabel 'x axis label'
set ylabel 'y axis label'
set xrange [0:1]
set yrange [0:1]

plot 'nice_web_plot.dat' u 1:2 t 'Example line' w lp ls 1, \
     ''                  u 1:3 t 'Another example' w lp ls 2

Should we run it? Course we should:

If it complains about ansirgb you probably have an older version of gnuplot… just get rid of it and leave it as set terminal dumb. It will not be as colored as the example above, but it will still work.

I read about this in gnuplot: I swear this is a coincidence, although I guess that Creating pretty graphs in linux with gnuplot (from Adam Shore’s blog) is to… blame here. Thanks!

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