Create a Kubernetes-ready user


Easily create a Kubernetes-ready user with a basic script.

This program creates a new user’s credentials that are (well, should be) valid for a Kubernetes cluster where the CA certificate and key have a known position in the filesystem.

Local version here.

Creating a user is only one half of the solution - it will then need to be associated with proper permissions through Roles and ClusterRoles and their respective bindings. Anyway… it’s a start.

Use it like this:

k8s-new-user <username> [<group> [<group> [...]]]

The output will be a file named <username>.kubeconfig that is suitable for being used instead of the default ~/.kube/config (e.g. it might be provided to the target user).

export KUBECONFIG="$PWD/$USERNAME.kubeconfig"
kubectl get pod ....

Using this script is not very secure because it makes sure to also generate the user’s private key. In a more secure process, each user would generate its own key/CSR pair and provide the CSR to the CA for signing.

Again… it’s a start 🤓

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