Dijkstra Algorithm - as functions only


I made a version of Dijkstra.pm that returns two sub references instead of an object: DijkstraFunction.pm.

Some time ago (in 2017, according to git blame) I translated the code for the Dijkstra Algorithm from its Java implementation into Perl, resulting in Dijkstra.pm inside cglib.

If you (yes, I’m looking at you, future me!) need a refresher for what this algorithm is good for… suffices to say that is solves the single source shortest paths problem. In brief, you have one starting node (that is the single source) and it computes the minimul distance, as well as the path with that distance, towards every other (reachable) node in the graph.

As I’ve probably already written elsewhere, cglib is explicitly coded as a copy-and-paste library of functions. For this reason, I was not entirely happy with the implementation because it returned an object (blessed into the Dijkstra package).

Inspired by other functions in that library, I decided to code an alternative DijkstraFunction.pm library file that does pretty much the same (with the same code! Duplication!!!) but returns a hash reference instead.

   return {
      path_to => sub {
         my ($v) = @_;
         my $vid = $id_of->($v);
         my $thr = $thread_to{$vid} || return; # connected?

         my @retval;
         while ($v) {
            unshift @retval, $v;
            ($v, $vid) = @{$thr}{qw< p pid >};
            $thr = $thread_to{$vid};
         return wantarray ? @retval : \@retval;
      distance_to => sub { ($thread_to{$id_of->($_[0])} || {})->{d} },

This hash contains two keys: path_to and distance_to. The corresponding value is a subroutine reference that allows calculating the path, or the distance, towards a provided target vertex.

So… enjoy DijkstraFunction.pm!

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