Stockpile of posts gets shortcuts to items


Another enhancement to - shorter identifiers!

In previous post Stockpile of posts gets dates in listing we took a look at the new listing capabilities of, in particular the addiition of the anticipated date of publishing and also an initial numeric identifier gently provided by nl.

One of the things that was annoying me in using that program was that item-specific commands like show or xget need the full name of the branch, which is long.

OK, there’s a quick mouse copy-and-paste, but when you run show and then xget it can become cumbersome. It’s much easier to use a shortcut progressive identifier, isn’t it?

For this reason, commands that operate on specific items (i.e. get, show, and xget) can take either a full item identifier (which is none other than the name of the branch the item lives in) or the numeric identifier that is gently provided by the list command.

The magic is done by the following function, which can take either an empty string (which will “pass” unaltered), or a branch identifier (which will “pass” unaltered), or a numeric short identifier (which will transform into a branch name):

_resolve() {
   local in="${1:-""}"
   [ -n "$in" ] || return 0
   if [ "${in%%/*}" = 'stockpile' ] ; then
      printf %s "$in"
      local tab="$(printf '\t')"
      local out="$(command_list | grep "^[ $tab]\\+$in[ $tab]" | awk '{print $2}')"
      if [ -n "$out" ] ; then
         printf %s "$out"
         printf %s "$in"

I’m not entirely sure of whether I should complain loudly if the input is neither a branch name nor a shortcut identifier for a post… but there should be little harm anyway, as some other element down the chain will complain.

Or make a terrible mess.

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