Line noise


I wrote Perl code that resembles line noise 😅

Perl has been often accused of being incredibly difficult to read, sometimes even by Perl programmers.

Personally, I’ve never been bothered too much by this, either because I have the luck to not maintain any Perl code that I didn’t spoil myself, or because it’s entirely possible to write perfectly readable code.

While looking back at a recent post, my eye was caught by this write-only line:

map { $_ eq '*' ? '.*' : $_ eq '?' ? '.' : quotemeta($_) } ...
#     \_____ four letters in total ______/ 

I find the two close ? question marks particularly amusing. To be honest, this is totally my fault, because the syntax for the ternary operator is not specific to Perl and in this case I’m mixing stuff that is problem specific (like the string with a single question mark) with it.

Let’s rewrite it in a more readable way:

my $star = '*';
my $question_mark = '?';
my $regexp_any_sequence_of_characters = '.*';
my $regexp_any_character = '.';


map {
      $_ eq $star          ? $regexp_any_sequence_of_characters
    : $_ eq $question_mark ? $regexp_any_character
    :                        quotemeta($_)
} ...

Seems nicer on the reader, doesn’t it?!?

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