Refactor in dibspack-basic


From time to time I add stuff to dibspack-basic.

For a small project I have in mind I’ll probably need to work a bit with dibs using OpenSUSE images and installing modules inside them.

To do this, my set of tools of election is dibspack-basic, but it is lacking a suitable wrapper for zypper. Well, it was lacking:

update_package_database() { $SUDO zypper refresh         ; }
install_packages()        { $SUDO zypper install -y "$@" ; }
. "$(dirname "$0")/"

While I was at it, I noticed that all current wrappers shared a lot of code in a cut-and-pastish way that had abundantly passed the threshold for refactoring. Hence, the common part has now been poured into

exec 1>&2
set -e

script="$(readlink -f "$0")"
scriptdir="$(dirname "$script")"
basedir="$(dirname "$scriptdir")"

. "$basedir/"

# This must be already provided in the environment

# Cope with "virtual" pacakges from dibspack-basic
while [ $# -gt 0 ] ; do
   case "$1" in
         $SUDO cp "$basedir/wrapexec/$name" /
         $SUDO chmod +x "/$name"

# This must be already provided in the environment
install_packages "$@"

At this point, any wrapper just has to define two simple functions update_package_database and install_packages, and then source to let it do the job.

I have mixed feelings about the possibly stray script that has been left in the directory. On the one hand, it’s been there for a while and it might have been used. On the other hand, there is less chance that this actually happened than, say, I’ll start getting younger by the day. You never know 😅

I hope this has been an effective refresher… future me 🙄

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