dibspack-basic enhancement for packages


I recently added a small feature in dibspack-basic.

I sometimes write about dibs, a maximum overkill system I use to build Docker images. Which, by the way, prevented me from learning about what the rest of the world is doing to this regard (e.g. I heard about buildah).

One nice byproduct of it is the standalone dibspack-basic, which contains a set of programs that can be useful inside a container, e.g. to build Perl stuff, manage prerequisites, copy stuff around, etc.

I extended the package management common part to also get inputs from a file, in addition to the argument list. You know, the classic -f/--from option that is found in so many places around:

   [ $# -gt 1 ] || LOGDIE "cannot honor $1"
   if [ -r "$1" ] ; then
      modules_list="$modules_list $(encode_array $(cat "$1"))"
   if [ -n "$AUTO_PACKAGE" -a -r "$1.$AUTO_PACKAGE" ] ; then
      modules_list="$modules_list $(encode_array $(cat "$1.$AUTO_PACKAGE"))"

On a slightly more annoying side, the recent addition of support for zypper is actually not very helpful. I discovered that some things that other distrubution handle as virtual packages (which are just plain packages, from the point of view of the casual user), these have a distinct type for zypper. Dang.

Well, enough for today!

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