Poor man's sequence diagrams


An old piece of code to draw sequence-diagram-ish.

I resumed some code from about 13 years ago… and polished it a bit, but not completely. It’s a toy to draw sequence diagrams, that lived within a module designed for my computer science engineering thesis. It draws sequence-diagram like stuff, with no pretense of adherence to any standard. Just provide pairs of actors and there will be arrows.


   my @messages = (
      ['Thorrilo'  => 'Forgogrim', 'ororbisrod()'],
      ['Forgogrim' => 'Thorrilo',  'foradurdir()'],
      ['Thorrilo'  => 'Violetas',  'hobgoon()'],
      ['Violetas'  => 'Forgogrim', 'ereritur()'],

becomes this:


The code (a local version is here) is the following:


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