A pull request for Crypt::LE


I sent a Pull Request for Crypt::LE.

In previous post Crypt::LE update I made a quick note about a few hiccups that I had during the upgrade.

One of them has to do with the le.pl script that is shipped with the distribution, with particular reference to the exit code that this program provides when it’s too early to renew the certificate.

Previously (well, at least as of version 0.17…) this was not a real error condition and made the program print a message but otherwise exit with code 0. This was useful for me because I run the script daily through a cron job and it’s expected that most of the times it will hit this type of condition; having 0 simply meant that I could flag anything different with a notification (via email).

The latest version (0.37 as of… today) sort of preserves the same behaviour. The script has been extended with the possibility to provide a configuration file with custom error codes, and if this file is provided the exit code for the too early error condition is indeed still 0

Alas, this is not the case if no configuration file is provided. Which makes the thing both a bit inconsistent (two different behaviours in the exit only by a difference in the pure presence of a configuration file) and not backwards compatible.

I filed a pull request to try and propose a patch that should restore the previous behaviour. I hope it will be accepted… otherwise, I’ll provide a fake configuration file to the new script 🙄

Stay safe everyone!

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