Combinations iterator


A little deviation to take a look at an iterator for combinations.

One thing that is clear in this little series of post is that, at a certain point, we will have to compute combinations, i.e. take a given number $k$ out of a set of $n$, possibly computing the remaining $n - k$ while we’re at it.

Here’s an implementation, iterator-based:

sub combinations_iterator ($k, @items) {
   my @indexes = (0 .. ($k - 1));
   my $n = @items;
   return sub {
      return unless @indexes;
      my (@combination, @remaining);
      my $j = 0;
      for my $i (0 .. ($n - 1)) {
         if ($j < $k && $i == $indexes[$j]) {
            push @combination, $items[$i];
         else {
            push @remaining, $items[$i];
      for my $incc (reverse(-1, 0 .. ($k - 1))) {
         if ($incc < 0) {
            @indexes = (); # finished!
         elsif ((my $v = $indexes[$incc]) < $incc - $k + $n) {
            $indexes[$_] = ++$v for $incc .. ($k - 1);
      return (\@combination, \@remaining);

It is called like this:

my $it = combinations_iterator(2, qw< a b c d e >);

which means: iterate through all possible subsets of two letters from the input of five letters. It can be used like this:

while (my ($c, $r) = $it->()) {
    say "($c->@*) | ($r->@*)";

with this result:

(a b) | (c d e)
(a c) | (b d e)
(a d) | (b c e)
(a e) | (b c d)
(b c) | (a d e)
(b d) | (a c e)
(b e) | (a c d)
(c d) | (a b e)
(c e) | (a b d)
(d e) | (a b c)

At each call, the iterator returns both the $k subset, as well as its complement in the overall set. This will make things easier later on, because each of these two subsets will be further… iterated.

The iteration mechanism is basic: start taking the first two items, then keep the first fixed and take all other items in the second place. When done, advance the first and start over from the item immediately after, and so on. This approach is easily generalized as coded above.

Enough for today! Have a good rest of the day and stay safe!

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