I took a look at Term::StatusBar.

Miguel Prz keeps a series of metacpan weekly reports in the interesting blog niceperl. It’s interesting to take a look to what moves in the CPAN world from time to time.

I was intrigued by Term::StatusBar:

Term::StatusBar provides an easy way to create a terminal status bar, much like those found in a graphical environment.

This is a first try:

The colors are nice and the aspect is tweakable, only I really don’t like/understand why the default placement is not… just on the line where the cursor happens to be in the very first place.

The default of jumping to the top of the terminal only makes sense if the screen is cleared before, and jumping to the bottom - while visually better - seem to waste some space. Personal taste, anyway.

I think there might also be a bug when using the non-linear update method, which can be handy when the different items might come in chunks (like e.g. reading a file where we know the total size, but each line might have a different number of characters).

While the thing seems to work by itself, it also seems that it has a bad interaction with the linear way of doing stuff:

I think it might be that the reset method forgets to remove some previous state and this has… consequences. I opened a ticket for this - although I wonder if it’s just out of time 😅

If you’d like to give the examples a try, you can find them in this gist.

All in all it seems nice but I don’t think that I will use this module.

Stay safe!

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