An economic-social view on "flat earth"


A view on the flat earth theory from an economic and social angle.

It’s both depressing and amusing that flat earth theories got so much attention in the past years. Probably talking about it does not help… I’ll just avoid putting links.

I mean, it’s good to question things - but giving as proof that they’re lying to us should at least make you question yourself if you are lying too. Whatever.

In 1997 I got a degree in Electronics Engineering, where I was not exposed to anything related to communication satellites. You know, that stuff that allows us, among other things, to watch satellite TV channels and use Google Maps to go from A to B.

Please consider satellite TV as that particular stream that comes from the parabolic antenna on the rooftop, independently of whether you consider that the signal comes from a round-earth satellite or not.

After 10 months of working in one company, I joined a small consulting company that was led by a professor in the Telecommunications department in my same university. Which meant that I had to study a lot of stuff related to satellites, including the mechanics of orbits and how satellites go there and remain there, how you have to continuously tune their positions, etc.

This was the same stuff that all my colleagues had studied in their years at the university, that their colleagus in the Telecommunications course had studied, and that students of our professor were studying as I was working. It’s also the same stuff that they study today, by the way.

That’s a good lot of people. Some of them end up working for companies that actually manufacture satellites and their control system, including stabilizers for the satellite position. All under the assumption that the satellite is going to go on a mostly elliptical orbit around a roundish earth.

Now here’s the catch. Let’s consider that there is indeed a big lie where a super-elite keeps telling us that the earth is round, while it’s actually flat. I mean, overall flat.

States and companies must spend a lot of money to keep the lie going, consciously or not. They have to make sure that there’s people teaching that stuff at the university, that companies go on producing stuff that works according to the lie and pay people to basically work on stuff that is eventually thrown in the garbage bin because, well… it’s based on a lie and it’s never going to work, right?

They’re companies that work under market rules. So there must be a lot of money that is spent only to keep the lie going. I guess Keynes would be super-happy here!

At the same time, those services that apparently run thanks to “round-earth satellites” must go on, right? I mean, a lot of people pay for “satellite TV” and expect to see something on their television sets, right? When you fire up Google Maps, you expect to see where you are and be followed as you progress to where you’re going, right?

This means that not only there must be a different kind of physics to govern how this alternative satellite system works, but also that some people have to be made aware of this so that they can indeed make the machine go.

This also means that, along with the “lie-based” engineering departments, there must also be “truth-based” engineering departments somewhere, where they teach the real stuff to make sure that the lie goes on unscathed! And also that people will have to attend those courses, but not only them - also all courses on maths etc. because otherwise it would be too easy for people attending a university to figure that some course colleagues disappear from time to time, while still giving the same exams. So at least an entire faculty of Engineering is needed.

At this point, I would ask flat-earthers to get in contact with some friend who took a degree in engineering, possibly in Electronics or Telecommunications. Please ask them if it was a walk in the park or was something that required a substantial amount of energies. bonus point if you can get this information from a fellow flat-earther engineer. I’ll wait while you get this information, you will not need anything more than your phone/PC.

Not only this: there must also be companies that actually produce the true stuff and make sure that it goes on. Where the real initiated engineers go to work every day and from where they return every evening.

All over the world, by the way. Try to figure out how many people would be needed to do this.

All of this, apparently, without getting a dime back - I’d like to see a broadcaster that is told that they have to pay for the fake satellite system and the real one, all under the tight condition that nobody can speak about it at all costs.

Hence, I think, you don’t have to go to the beach and see a big boat disappear at the horizon to convince yourself that the Earth’s positive curvature is a thing. You can just think about this in the comfort of your favourte chair, possibly while watching a movie from a “satellite channel” while scanning your mobile phone for the best route to go buying snacks (to better enjoy the movie).

And maybe, at that point, you can move on to the next conspiration theory, because this is really too much.

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