More (welcome although embarrassing) feedback


Some more feedback on my Raku dabbling, yay!

There seems to be an emergent phenomenon where I try to write some meaningful Raku code and gfldex helps me find out more. And this happened again!

After Think Bayes in Raku - Pmf class, there came They returned an empty package.

I blushed about two times – my Raku-fu isn’t strong enough to spot additional shortcomings that are surely there!.

First, normalize’s return value is totally inconsistent:

method normalize (Numeric:D $sum = 1) {
  my $total = or return;
  my $factor = $sum / $total;
  %!pmf.values »*=» $factor;

Actually, returning self at the end of the method was an attempt to enable chaining method calls, so that I could e.g. do something like this:

put $pmf.multiply(this => 1).multiply(that => 2).normalize.P('this');

So that self was added afterwards, and of course I forgot about the or return, which should be or return self.

On another note, I don’t even know why I omitted the return in the last statement, I usually include it. Whatever, that was really an afterthought.

The other way I blushed is in keeping the normalize method in the first place. Again, as a second thought I decided that I would do normalization on the fly within method P itself:

method P ($key) {
   die "no key '$key' in PMF" unless %!pmf{$key}:exists;
   return %!pmf{$key} /;

This of course made both normalize not needed any more and some check on needed to avoid the division-by-zero. Meh.

The multi method solution is neat, although I’m not sure whether this makes the whole thing more readable or not. My strong Perl accent would probably phrase it as this:

method P ($key) {
   die "no key '$key' in PMF" unless %!pmf{$key}:exists;
   my $T = or die 'invalid PMF (no data)';
   return %!pmf{$key} / $T;

Now I’m scared of reading through the rest of the code… better stop here for now!

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