I started toying with ClouDNS’s API to build a (minimal, incomplete) CLI application.

I’m planning to use App::Easer for it, so that I can put it to test after the (little) time it took me to forget about it. The real test! This will also allow me to understand the shortcomings and rough edges of the module, so it will be a double win.

The provided API is very large, but for my purposes I’m only planning to support part of it (dealing with resource records management, in particular). The structure with App::Easer should make it easy to add more commands as time goes, anyway.

I know I’ll regret this, but I’m currently not planning on building a separate module for implementing the API layer. It will be a nice project in the future, should I need it; for the time being I’ll go a bit lower-level.

I was initially thinking on relying upon HTTP::Tiny and have zero dependencies, only to realize almost immediately that I would need to install IO::Socket::SSL (which means installing Net::SSLeay). At this point, it makes sense to also bring Mojolicious in and rely on the excellent Mojo::UserAgent.

Let’s see…

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