App::Easer enhancement


Making App::Easer a little more consistent.

While using App::Easer, I noticed an inconsistency:

my $app = {
    commands => {
        key_for_foo => {
            supports => ['foo'],
        key_for_bar => {
            supports => ['bar'],
        MAIN => {
            children => [qw< key_for_foo key_for_bar >],
            'default-child' => 'foo',

In shorts, array children takes a list of the keys as they appear in the commands hash, but default-child takes the name of one child as it is seen outside. In the specific case, children contains key_for_bar (which is the key in commands), while default-children has bar (which is the supported name outside).

This is an inconsistency (over which I tripped, of course!), because default-child should be in line with what is inside children. Which leads us to the trial release I just sent to CPAN: App::Easer v0.3 TRIAL. Now default-child takes key_for_bar just like children.

I hope it will be useful… to future me 😉

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