ClouDNS CLI: update


A little update on this project.

I eventually put the code I’m working on in cloudns.

To try it out:

  • install dependencies using the provided cpanfile (see Installing Perl Modules if you don’t know what to do with it);
  • adjust environment variable PERL5LIB to see the modules. If you installed the modules under $PWD/local, then do:
export PERL5LIB="$PWD/local/lib/perl5"
  • set relevant environment variables for the service:
CLOUDNS_CREDENTIALS='sub-auth-user your-user-name your-password'
  • try out a query or two
id="$(./cloudns add a --host gasp --record"
printf 'id: <%s>\n' "$id"
sleep 2
./cloudns del "$id"

The prototype supports listing, adding a few record types and deleting them by identifier. It might also be interesting to add an interactive interface… time will tell.

Stay safe everyone!

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