=finish at the __END__


Use =finish in Raku, instead of Perl’s __END__.

Sometimes it takes a long journey to learn something that was right there, where it makes sense.

I often use __END__ in my Perl programs to quickly cut out stuff from one point of the file up to the end. So I tried to put it in a Raku program and saw this:

$ raku prova03.raku
===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /home/poletti/devel/rakudo/prova03.raku
Unsupported use of __END__ as end of code.  Blah blah blah
blah blah blah blah.
at /home/poletti/devel/rakudo/prova03.raku:6
------> __END__⏏<EOL>

Argh, a difference from the past. OK, let’s ask the mighty internet.

Which, unfortunately, does not really help. I mean, there are questions about how to replace __DATA__ for putting… data, but nothing really about using __END__ they way I do.

More searching led me to this, though:

token term:sym<p5end> {
    << __END__ >>
    <.obs('__END__ as end of code',
      'the =finish pod marker and $=finish to read')>

So this is the solution: =finish!

I wonder why I they don’t write it somewhere…

Wait a minute, that thing seems some feedback/help that is written when it’s needed. I wonder if it’s written when an error occurs! It would be so useful!

Let’s take a second look…

$ raku prova03.raku 2>&1
===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /home/poletti/devel/rakudo/prova03.raku
Unsupported use of __END__ as end of code.  In Raku please use: the
=finish pod marker and $=finish to read.
at /home/poletti/devel/rakudo/prova03.raku:6
------> __END__⏏<EOL>


Today I Learned: don’t skim Raku error messages, read them!

And with this, I hope you too will read those error messages and avoid falling in the same trap. Until the next time… stay safe!

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