Perl OpenAPI with Mojolicious


Using OpenAPI in Perl will hopefully be fun with Mojolicious::Plugin::OpenAPI.

The module seems to provide what’s needed to parse an OpenAPI-compatible definition and provide routes definition as well as validation.

Using OpenAPI tends to be on the verbose side, which might be intimidating but it’s for… a good cause (documentation and openness) and in addition it’s a sort of one-time effort. On the other hand… I hope what comes out will not be hard to maintain.

I hit a small roadblock while trying to define my custom responses, which resulted in Issue Response reference ignored and overridden by DefaultResponse in the GitHub repository. I hope I managed to clearly explain my problem, for the moment I adopted a work-around.

I used the Swagger Editor so far and it seems to work fine, apart that it’s not possible to split stuff into multiple files easily. Again… let’s see, maybe I’ll switch to something different.

I guess it’s enough pointers for today… thanks to the module authors and stay safe everyone!

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