Data::Tubes release and... how cool is CPAN Testers?!?


I recently released a small update on Data::Tubes and, time and again, was caught in awe of how cool CPAN Tester is.

My module Data::Tubes covers a niche that was very handy for me some years ago, but sometimes I have some computations to do where I use it because of the ease of adding/removing stuffs in a pipeline of record massaging.

I know that I’m probably the only one to appreciate its usefulness, but to be honest its niche is pretty… tight, and I already spent enough energy in providing documentation for it. To the point that I still find it useful after a few years, and have a good time navigating through the docs to get the job done. Hive five, past me!

Recently I did a new release, which added a little do what I mean feature. Actually, I was expecting that feature to be already there (it’s an automatic generation of a tube from an array-based definition, which is also pervasively implemented around), so it gave me the possibility to keep the project alive, altough very letargically.

In all of this, the real shining star, and unfortunately too rarely sung hero, is CPAN Testers. Every time I upload my barely-good-for-me modules, they don’t blink and eye and test it in a multiplicity of platforms, providing feedback that would take me ages to collect otherwise. This is so cool.

So, yeah… THANKS!

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