LDAP filter to search for absence of an attribute


It’s simple to match for the absence of one or more attributes in an LDAP filter.

I found this in the internet, although I can’t really point to the precise location because… I forgot 🙄

Anyway, I had the problem of finding all entries in a LDAP directory that lacked one or more attributes. It turns out that the syntax is pretty simple.

Where this means having whatever value for attribute foo:


this means lacking attribute foo altogether:


I guess it’s fair, although I have to admit my utter ignorance as to whether attributes are allowed to take empty values. Whatever, that works.

Looking for multiple possible missing attributes is easy with the OR operator:


By the way, in my attempts I found that using spaces liberally worked in my specific setup, althogh I understand that I was definitely lucky:

( |

Much more readable IMHO!!!

Stay safe folks!

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