Where I introduce ProtoWebz.

ProtoWebz is a toy project with the ambitious aim to support faster prototyping in some cases. These cases mostly being trying out ideas for APIs to expose stuff that is inside databases.

It has been sitting there for a couple of months and it’s about time that I start writing about it, unless I really want to forget about it.

Just a bird’s eye view for now:

  • the whole thing is built on top of Mojolicious because it just makes sense.
  • APIs are described in OpenAPI, thanks to the excellent Mojolicious::Plugin::OpenAPI.
  • The Docker image is built with dibs and includes the batteries, including an example API specification and an example database, as well as the stuff to add and consume documentation more easily.
  • The basic included modules allow defining SQL queries with placeholders and bindings directly in the OpenAPI specification, within extensions. This is where the “prototyping assertion” comes from.

Well… I’ll now be publicly shamed if I don’t elaborate more and help future me!

In the meantime, stay safe!

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