App::Easer V2 - let's start!


I started working on the next iteration for App::Easer.

I told it, and I’m doing it.

The first move has been to move the currently published stuff to App::Easer::V1 and defaulting to it. I’m not really required to keep backwards compatibility, but it’s an interesting occasion for study.

Unfortunately, it’s also a pretty narrow one, because the same reason why I don’t have to keep backwards compatibility (i.e. lack of adoption of the module) puts me in a solitary echo chamber in which I can only spot shortcomings that might come from… me. Which puts me back to square one, because I’m also in the solitary echo chamber of people eager to migrate to the new version ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

This is getting on my nerves, this guy keeps repeating what I say.

Anyway, I also started fleshing out V2, porting the code from V1 and adopting a new interface that I like better:

  • it’s properly object-oriented, with less stuff flying around, proper methods and hopefully full openness for overriding. I’m not sure how it’s going to play with Moo/Moose, V2 is definitely more opinionated but not this opinionated.
  • It’s still possible to define commands using hashes with data inside. Actually, it’s possible to mix the two things, setting the static part in a hash reference and the dynamic part in overridden methods.
  • The children hierarchy is now automatically learned, while it’s still possible to push things inside though. While I still think that it was not that hard for the application writer to do this one-time housekeeping task, there’s definitely a sane way to make the computer do this so why not.
  • Initial tests are encouraging, I also managed to port the example application and I like what has come out.

If you’re curious… the current status.

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