App::Easer - tree auto-command


I added a command tree to the stock automatic commands help and commands.

I used App::Easer V2 a lot lately (which reminds my I have to release it!) and the octopus root command is gaining mass. To the point that sometimes I wonder where a sub-command lives actually, or even if I already implemented it.

After looking in the source tree one time too many, I decided to add a tree sub-command to the automatically available ones, i.e. help and commands.

I’m happy with the implementation, in particular because it leverages the implementation of commands by changing one of its functions (and providing the right metadata):

package App::Easer::V2::Command::Tree;
push our @ISA, 'App::Easer::V2::Command::Commands';
sub aliases     { 'tree' }
sub description { 'Print tree of supported sub-commands' }
sub help        { 'print sub-commands in a tree' }
sub name        { 'tree' }

sub options {
   return (
         getopt      => 'include_auto|include-auto|I!',
         default     => 0,
         environment => 1,
} ## end sub options

sub list_commands ($self, $target) {
   my $exclude_auto = $self->config('include_auto') ? 0 : 1;
   my @lines;
   for my $command ($target->inflate_children($target->list_children)) {
      my ($name) = $command->aliases or next;
        if $name =~ m{\A(?: help | commands | tree)\z}mxs && $exclude_auto;
      my $help = $command->help // '(**missing help**)';
      push @lines, sprintf '- %s (%s)', $name, $help;
      if (defined(my $subtree = $self->list_commands($command))) {
         push @lines, $subtree =~ s{^}{  }rgmxs;
   } ## end for my $command ($target...)
   return unless @lines;
   return join "\n", @lines;
} ## end sub list_commands

And now… let’s get back to writing tests…

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