I’m using Email::Stuffer, not sure for how long I’ll do.

There’s little to say, Email::Stuffer is handy:

Email::Stuffer->from     (''             )
              ->to       (''     )
              ->bcc      (''       )
              ->text_body($body                     )
              ->attach_file('dead_bunbun_faked.gif' )
              ->transport(SMTP => $opts             )

Alas, I’m not 100% sure I’ll continue to use it in the project I’m working on now, because of a little annoyance:

And yes, I need attachments.

So my dilemma now is either to delve into the module and propose something to remove this limitation, OR shift to the less slick Email::MIME. I’m tempted by the first, but I’ll probably settle for the second.

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