App::Easer - moving ahead with tests


I added tests for options precedence to App::Easer V2.

I’m moving slowly with App::Easer but at least I’m moving. I added some tests that seem to show that everything is going fine with the separation between the ordering of options inside the sources arrayref, the precedence and their default overlapping.

Although I’m not showing the test_run implementation here, I hope this makes it clear that it’s indeed possible to make environment variables take precedence over command line ones:

# subvert precedence, make environment win over command-line
subtest 'parent, Environment over CmdLine' => sub {

   # input arguments for the test run
   my @args = qw< --one cmdline-one --four cmdline-four >;

   # input environment for the test run
   my %env = (
      ONE => 'environment-one',
      TWO => 'environment-two',
      FIVE => 'environment-five',

   # expected output parsed configuration after the test run
   my %conf = (
      one => 'environment-one',
      two => 'environment-two',
      three => 'three',           # default
      four => 'cmdline-four',
      five => 'environment-five',

   # temporarily override the list of sources and their precedences
   my $save_sources = $app->{sources};
   $app->{sources} = [qw< +CmdLine +Environment=5 +Default=100 >];

   # run the test
   test_run($app, \@args, \%env, 'parent')

   # restore original sources
   $app->{sources} = $save_sources;

As it is, +CmdLine is assigned precedence value 10, so +Environment gets to go first because it has a lower value. +Default still gets last with its meager 100th precedence.

This is something that I never adopted so far, but I’ve seen a use case in a module (something that had to do with databases or emails, I don’t remember precisely right now) where the precedence to the environment was advertised as a feature so that test runs could be easier. I guess it mostly boils down on how one organizes their own shell scripts, anyway.

I’m definitely out of time with respect to suggestion #2 by Damian Conway: Write the Test Cases Before the Code. Better late than never, I guess.

Stay safe and testy!

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