Bump Kubernetes services


Sometimes you just have to bump!

Some time ago one test Kubernetes cluster suddenly stopped listening to us. No big deal actually, just the need to refresh the certificates after one year.

We were back and the API server was friendly again, nodes were up, Pods poddish, etc.

Only thing that the cluster was not listening to us. An update to a deployment? Nope. Killing a Pod? The replacement was nowhere to be seen.

And yet the nodes were all up!

Long story short, both the scheduler and the controller-manager were not able to authenticate. They were insisting on using the previous certificates, in spite of the updated configuration files. So… they had not been restated, it seems.

Killing them did suffice, luckily, so we were back on the driver’s seat.

This is an exceptional reminder to the fact that Kubernetes is an interesting yet complicated beast, which can drag a lot of time in the lifecycle management of the cluster itself even for a secondary test installation to get acquainted with the tool.

To some extent it reminds me of Linux and the surrounding ecosystem of applications, because doing things from scratch is instructive but time consuming and most of the times one is better off with a distribution.

So… if your cluster seems a bit deaf, take a look at the logs of the scheduler and the contoller-manager!

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