The Foo::Bar mystery in Strawberry Perl


There is (was?) something weird going on with package Foo::Bar in Strawberry Perl.

When I put App::Easer trial release 2.001 in CPAN, I was surprised to see three failures in three releases of Strawberry Perl.

Looking at the test reports, it seems that the tests expected to find an example Foo::Bar package containing a sub-command, but it was not supporting the new method to instantiate it.

In App::Easer V2 terms with the old test, this means that Foo::Barpackage was actually in scope, but did not support a new method. Only… I did not put it there.

This seems to be confirmed by the fact that I’ve since changed the package prefix to Foo::SubCmd instead of plain Foo::, and tests now work like a charm (see this).

So the only conclusion that I can draw is that Strawberry Perl installations that participate in CPAN::Testers actually come with some Foo::Bar package, which messed up my tests. My next step will be to try and install Strawberry Perl and see what’s going on - unless some wise person can tell me what’s going on!

Stay safe and… cheers!

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