Reverse printing the QR Code in the terminal


There’s an update to Terminal QR Code with Unicode characters.

In post Terminal QR Code with Unicode characters I introduced a small program to print QR codes in the terminal, leveraging some clever Unicode characters.

Then I used it and I got mixed results. Using the camera from my smartphone, the QR code was being read fine. Using another application from the same phone… no. I guess they are using different libraries, and the latter program has a less advanced algorithm.

It turned out that the chocking program was expecting to read black contents on a white background, whereas the camera was fine with the reverse too (white on black). So I introduced a little update to the program to address this, setting the reverse option to a true value because… I like my terminal windows to have a black background.

The code has been updated but it’s still in its former location:

Local version here.

I guess this is it for today, stay safe!

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