eml-gist - web edition


Adapting eml-gist for the Web.

After spurting eml-gist, it came somehow natural to have it around and to share it with some people. They still have to know what they are doing, because saving email messages in eml format from Outlook is definitely not straightforward:

  • create a new message
  • drag-and-drop the message you want to save in it, as attachment
  • send it to yourself
  • open the web version of Outlook
  • save the attachment - it will be in eml format.

In case you’re wondering no, the fourth step cannot be done in desktop Outlook.

I guess the whole thing is not a business priority. Anyway, enough ranting and back to the web version.

There’s a first reshaping in the web branch of the repository. It’s still just a POST endpoint handler that expects to receive a file via an upload, but it’s a start. Next steps will be to add a minimal page to ease the upload from a browser, and pack in a Docker image.


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