New module: WebService::MyJSONs.

Well, there’s really little to add. The implementation is faithful to A possible SYNOPSIS for a MyJSONs module.

It’s possible to install the module from the Codeberg repository directly as an executable in PATH:

curl -Lo myjsons https://codeberg.org/polettix/WebService-MyJSONs/raw/branch/main/lib/WebService/MyJSONs.pm
chmod +x myjsons
# mv myjsons ~/bin

The last line is commented out, in case it’s better to put the program somewhere else in PATH.

There’s virtually no test - the only one just checks that the module compiles. I’m trying to think whether I should condition the execution of some tests to the definition of an environment variable’s value or so, I don’t like stuff that phones home.

Stay safe!

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