Lured by overengineering


I did it again.

I’m working on a little website for helping people getting started and up to speed in using The GNU Privacy Guard.

My idea is to generate many little pages with one or a few sentences each, then creating trails connecting them together for explaining the different tasks. As an example, receiving stuff will mean installing, creating a key pair, providing the public key to the Sender, receiving encrypted stuff and decrypting it. On the other hand, sending has some overlapping (like installing and generating a key pair) and other steps that are peculiar.

Of course this means I’d like to reuse stuff as much as possible across the different trails, which means some coding needed. Which, in turn, means wheel reinventing and overengineering season is officially open, folks!.

To my defense, I tried hard (about 1 hour) to look into systems that already do this. The best thing I could find is interactive fiction programs that target HTML, but still most of them seem to target HTML+Javascript actually, while I’m aiming at a purely-static site experience.

If I’m not too ashamed, I’ll share something about this new wheel in the coming days. For now… stay safe!

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