Happy New Year!


Another year passed…

… but this happens every year, right?

It’s really 2023 as I’m writing, and I still have the feelings I had about one year ago: maybe I should stop this daily thing and focus on something “more”.

I say “daily thing” because it’s actually just publishing: more often than not I prepare posts with a few days of anticipation, so I’m not writing daily anyway.

Still, there’s this feeling of slightly rushing things; I know I can take the topic and go deeper at any time later, but this does not really happen so the whole ghing is starting to feel a bit hollow.

And yet, this daily appointment has done wonders to keep me in line and do something on a very regular base. Which is why, I suspect, I’m still here after one year, pondering to change the habit but uneasy at doing it (as shown by the last full year).

We will see… for now, I wish everybody a happy 2023, followed by happiers new years!

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