Repository icons attribution


I’m still trying to understand how to do it.

Both Codeberg and GitLab allow using a custom icon (or avatar) for each respository, which allows things to be fancier.

I’m not too much of an artist myself, which led to some embarrassing icons/avatars like in quenv, notechs, and dokyll (arguably the worst of the lot).

This often means that I go looking for a different, more pleasant icon to use for new projects, and this further leads me to the attribution problem.

What’s this? Easy said: finding a way to properly give attribution about the icon.

The basic way, which I guess that people who care adopt, is to acknowledge it somewhere in the repo’s file. Well, I don’t like this approach at all, because the is about the project itself, which might or might not live in Codeberg, GitLab or any other place allowing for an avatar.

The avatar is something that has to do with the hosting of the project in the specific site. I might even want to duplicate the project somewhere else and use separate avatars on separate sites. (I’m not advocating that this makes sense, though).

So, I think that the sites should have a specific place for setting this attribution, possibly close to where the avatar itself can be set, and allow displaying the attribution so that it can be properly consumed by people.

This is the gist behind this issue on Codeberg, although I don’t feel too positive about it by the tone of the only answer I got so far. I mean, I literally copied the benefits I’m anticipating from the original issue text, so either these benefits were drown in the rest of the text I wrote in the issue, or they are not perceived as real benefits, or something else that I’m missing.

This is slightly frustrating, but puts my feet on the ground by reminding me that almost nothing that is evident to me is actually evident at all.


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