A wrapper/driver shell program for pgal


Things are usually a bit more complicated.

After finding the Dungeon Crawl 32x32 tiles (while looking for Repo icons sources), it was pretty clear that finding any specific icon’s file from the summary image would not be easy:

Summary of icons for Dungeon Crawl 32x32 tiles

Hence I decided to use pgal and generate a (recursive) album out of all the icons. Fact is, the example invocation in the original version of that blog post does not work:

docker run --rm -v "$ROOT:/mnt" "$PGAL" -c -r

It turns out that the driver shell function hinted in the repository for pgal is better:

pgal() { docker -itv "$PWD:/mnt" --rm pgal "$@" ;}

Time and again I’m reminded to test everything. Anyway.

I wanted to provide a more Do What I Mean way of invoking the program, in the sense that I would like to run it in different directories than $PWD. This is a bit tricky to do with Docker in the way, because we have to make sure that the target directory is mounted in the container’s filesystem.

To make a long story short, here’s what I came up with:

Local version here.

The last argument in the list is checked to see if it’s a candidate option or not. I know this is sub-optimal because it does not take care about ‘–’ or about the possibility that the last argument is a value for a previous option, but whatever - it works for this particular program… in most cases 🙄


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