Data::Resolver base class for resolver


A base class for the object-oriented Data-Resolver.

To evolve Data-Resolver I’m thinking about implementing the following interface in the different resolver classes (e.g. getting stuff rom a local directory or a TAR archive):

sub get_asset              ($self, $key) { ... }
sub get_sub_resolver       ($self, $key) { ... }
sub has_asset              ($self, $key) { ... }
sub has_sub_resolver       ($self, $key) { ... }
sub list_asset_keys        ($self)       { ... }
sub list_sub_resolver_keys ($self)       { ... }

We’re handling two different kind of things out of a resolver, namely assets and sub-resolvers.

Incidentally, I’m literally using ... in the code of the base class defining these methods. Hence I’m getting an abstract class definition almost for free and very idiomatically!

Stay safe everybody!

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