Thinking on a data collection API


I’m thinking on an API for collecting a few data.

I’d like to collect some data about things I do, from sports to getting good habits, and so far I used a few apps like Habitica.

But… this does not really thrill me from a privacy standpoint. Which meant that I eventually settled on Loop Habit Tracker, because it only works locally.

But… I’d really like to use a web application, because who needs all those stinkin’ apps? Only… self-hosted.

I’m sort of bouncing like a flipper ball here. On the one hand, I’d go to a solution like Prometheus – at the end of the day, we’re collecting metrics here, right? Yet, it seems overkill for collecting data of one or two people.

In pure wheel-reinventing spirit, then, I’ll probably settle for doing it myself and come out with some half-baked solution that will fail me at some time. Optimism time!

We’ll see where it takes me, in the meantime stay safe!

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