I'll probably resume LaTeX


I’ll probably take a look at LaTeX after some years.

I’m pretty happy with how PDF::Collage is behaving where I’m using it, although I sometimes need to tweak the text in the basic templates a bit.

At this point, I have to go back to the document preparation system that I used to generate the PDF templates in the first place (it’s a popular and closed source document editor), do the tweaking and so forth, just to end up thinking that I could have just as well produced the final PDF directly from there. I mean, the final result I was aiming to.

So, of course, my brain went into yet-another-loop where I think that it should be different, probably SVG would work better, what do I really know, how can it be that I can’t just use HTML with some specific CSS aimed at printing, etc. etc. only to find out that I don’t know anything about the topic and I will probably not know about it for the rest of my life.

When these loops go full circle, I usually also think about LaTeX, of course. I’m probably just scared about the amount of time that would take me to arrive to the almost perfect template, but at that point my worries would probably be solved. And I would have something very easy to tweak from my beloved command line.


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